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Vanoss Gaming Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the estimated Vanoss Gaming Net Worth of Canadian YouTuber, gaming critic, social media celebrity, and music composer Evan Fong, also known online as Vanoss Gaming, is $25 million. He is well known for his gaming montages, his YouTube gaming commentary while playing games like GTA V and Garry’s Mod with pals, and his work as a music producer under the name Rynx.

Vanoss Gaming Net Worth

Vanoss Gaming Net Worth, Fong earned $15 million in 2017, making him the second-highest paid YouTube producer. He also took the third spot on Forbes’ list of the Top 10 gaming influencers. He then made $18.5 million in 2018, ranking him among the top 10 highest-paid YouTube creators, and another $11.5 million in 2019.

Real NameEvan Fong
Nick NameVanoss Gaming
DOB (Age)May 31, 1992 (age 30)
Height5 ft 9 inches (183 cm)
Weight79 kg (174 lbs)
Vanoss Gaming Net Worth$25 Million
Address/ResidenceLos Angeles, California

Vanoss Gaming Sources of Income

The astonishing net worth of Vanoss Gaming is over $25 million. The majority of his outstanding worth came from Vanoss Gaming AdSense revenue, sponsorships, his work as a music producer, and the launch of his own clothing line.

Vanoss Gaming Net Worth

Based on the assumption that YouTube channels make anywhere between $3 and $7 per 1,000 views, Net Value Spot calculates that the Vanoss Gaming YouTube channel has an estimated net worth of roughly $13.94 million and generates an estimated $3.49 million annually. These are cautious estimates, therefore Vanoss Gaming might actually make more than $3.49 million annually. Vanoss Gaming Net Worth

In addition to this, he also runs two additional YouTube channels that generate a sizeable income through AdSense. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Fong makes $20 000 on average per day through YouTube AdSense.

According to Social Blade Vanoss Gaming makes between $187,500 and $3 million annually, or between $15,600 and $250,000.

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