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Paras Singh Youtuber Biography Age Net Worth Arrest Case Controversy

Paras Singh Youtuber Biography

Gaming YouTubers and live internet game streamers have enormous followings. Numerous Indian YouTubers are well-known for their gaming advice and live streaming. One of the gaming YouTubers is Paras Singh. We shall learn more about Paras Singh YouTuber Biography and career. Let’s begin.

Popular Indian YouTuber Paras Singh hails from the Punjabi city of Ludhiana. He is now making headlines. He was taken into custody for accusing an MLA. Police in Arunachal Pradesh have filed an FIR against him after he said in a video that Ninong Ering, a Congress lawmaker, is not Indian and that Arunachal Pradesh was once a part of China.

Paras Singh YouTuber Biography

Gamer and well-known YouTuber Paras Singh. He usually posts daily Pubg Videos on his daily life on his channel. Because he made racist remarks towards residents of Arunachal Pradesh and stated “Ye China vaalon ka hi hai” in a YouTube video, he was detained by Ludhiana police. Paras Singh Youtuber Biography

Real Name

Paras Singh

Digital Name

Paras Official

Place of Birth

Ludhiana, Punjab

Date of Birth



YouTuber, Engineer

Marital Status



Not Known



Famous For

YouTube Videos

Paras Singh YouTuber Net Worth

The YouTuber is thought to have a net worth of between three and four lakh dollars as of the year 2021. He makes money through his job and YouTube account, primarily through adverts and product promotion. Paras Singh YouTuber Net Worth

Personal Life

Although Paras is currently 24 years old and stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall, he has not revealed any details about his family, including the names of his parents, nor has he revealed anything about his private love life. Hope you liked our article Paras Singh YouTuber Biography.

Paras Singh Youtuber Arrestment

According to sources, he was recently detained by the Arunachal Pradesh police, and an FIR was filed against him because in one of his most recent videos, he accused Ninong Eringis, a Congress member, of being Chinese rather than Indian and that this claim caused people to become violent. He has since amassed 457K channel subscribers.

The controversy of Paras Singh

Indian YouTuber Paras Singh, who is 17 years old, hails from Ludhiana. He runs the official Paras YouTube channel, where he offers gaming advice and uses live streaming to play online games. He is well-known for the online games PUBG, Battleground, Free Fire, and others. Suddenly, interest in Paras Singh’s biography, wiki, and who he is as a YouTuber increased, and people began harassing him on his channel and in the comments area of his Instagram posts. Let’s examine the entire situation in detail. Paras Singh Youtuber Biography

Paras Singh Apologized to Entire Arunachal Pradesh for his Bad Comment

In a recent video posted to his channel, Paras Singh apologized to the whole Arunachal community and stated he did not know about what had happened. Following the release of his videos on racism, Paras received hateful remarks from all of India. He is now in detention after being arrested by the Arunachal Pradesh Police. The mother apologized to all North Indians in a video she published on May 25 and pleaded with the Arunachal Police to free her son and ensure that he wouldn’t do it again. You are reading Paras Singh Youtuber Biography in this article

Paras Singh Age Height Weight

He is around 24 years old and approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Paras Singh YouTuber family

Father Name

Ankita Devi

Mother Name

Sharavan Kumar

Paras Singh Education

He completed his academic work in Punjab. In 2018, he launched his channel and posted footage of Pubg Games.

Paras Singh Wife Name

The identity and facts of Paras’ wife are never revealed.

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