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Nisha Madhulika Net Worth Age Recipes Family B YouTube Income

Chef, YouTuber, and restaurant consultant for Indian eateries, Nisha Madhulika. On the internet, people love her. What distinguishes her, even at the age of 60, is her commitment to and persistence with her passion for “cooking.” Nisha’s remarkable culinary methods, strategies, and abilities are displayed on her YouTube channel. Her admirers refer to her as the “Cooking Queen.” I am talking about Nisha Madhulika Net Worth Age Recipes Family Biography YouTube Income.

Nisha Madhulika Net Worth

Nisha Madhulika Biography

Real Name

Nisha Madhulika


Youtuber,Cooking-Chef,Food Blogger

Also Known For

Television Personality

DOB (Date Of Birth)

25th August 1959


Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Current City

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India




Graduate in Science



Zodiac Sign


Marital Status


Husband Name

M.S. Gupta


2 Sons


A Brief History of Nisha Madhulika

One of India’s most well-known chefs is Nisha Madhulika. She is renowned for her superb dishes and culinary abilities. Although she began her career with only straightforward food blogs, she is now a well-known restaurant consultant. Publications including Indian Express, Amar Ujala, Dainik Bhaskar, and Times of India have incorporated her recipes and cooking advice. Nisha Madhulika Net Worth

On August 25, 1959, she was born in Noida, where she also received her whole education. In the future, she wed M.S. Gupta. Nisha resides in Delhi with her husband, her two children, and themselves. She began assisting her spouse in his company after they were married.

The launch of a YouTube channel

Some of Nisha Madhulika’s readers thought viewing cookery videos made the subject more understandable.

So they started asking her to make movies in the comments on her website.

As a result, Nisha Madhulika began producing videos for her Nisha Madhulika YouTube account in May 2011.

She received a lot of positive feedback, which encouraged her to continue working on her YouTube channel with all of her zeal.

How to create Rose Water at Home is the title of Nisha Madhulika’s debut video. Homemade gulab jal preparation by Nisha Madhulika, posted on May 16, 2011.

Nisha Madhulika Awards and Achievements

  • She was awarded the top YouTube chefs designation in 2014.
  • Nisha received the 2017 Social Media Summit & Awards’ Top YouTube Cooking Content Creator honor in November.
  • She and Bhuvan Bam were included in the Economictimes’ list of “India’s top 10 YouTube celebrities” in 2016. (BB Ki Vines).
  • She received honors from a number of prestigious publications, including India Today, Bloomberg, and the Economist.
  • She earned Silver, Golden, and Diamond play buttons for reaching 100,000, ONE MILLION, and TEN MILLION YouTube subscribers, respectively.

Nisha Madhulika Net Worth

Nisha Madhulika reportedly receives income from YouTube, AdSense, brand marketing, and sponsors. Nisha Madhulika Net Worth is $1 million USD, which is equivalent to an estimated 7,74,06,340 rupees in Indian currency. Her yearly earnings are predicted to be between $200 and $300,000.

Choosing Home Based Job

Nisha Madhulika decided to pursue employment that she could perform from the comfort of her home, so she left her position as a graphic artist.

She first began instructing youngsters, but she was unable to do so for very long since the students didn’t consistently come up.

Nisha Madhulika didn’t enjoy sitting around, thus she had plenty of spare time.

She wanted to make the most of her leisure time by focusing on some creative projects while also helping others.Nisha Madhulika Biography

Nisha Madhulika Daily Routine

Nisha Madhulika used to prepare the food and take pictures of it every morning and afternoon.

She used to begin writing blog posts (articles) in the afternoon and publish them in the evening.

In this way, Nisha Madhulika used to produce one or two blog posts every day, and she found blogging to be extremely simple.

Even though she regularly published blog entries, she didn’t initially receive a positive reaction. Nevertheless, she persisted, and gradually her blog started to acquire popularity. Nisha Madhulika Net Worth

Nisha Madhulika Creating Blog

At that time, Nisha Madhulika read blogs daily.

She came upon a food blog one day and immediately realized that she could write recipes too as cooking had always been her interest.

Nisha Madhulika eventually persuaded her husband and kids to agree to let her establish a culinary blog.

They offered her a lot of encouragement, and M.S. Gupta also handed her a digital camera so she could take photos for her food blog.

On the platform, Nisha Madhulika launched her culinary blog under the name – (Khana-Banana) in 2007.

In this way, she turned her love of cooking into a career.

And through comments, she used to answer the queries of her readers regarding various difficulties of cooking.Nisha Madhulika Biography

Becoming more Professional

Nisha Madhulika found it challenging to manage her Khana-Banana blog because it was hosted on the free platform.

She had also written more than 100 blog posts by that point.

Therefore, in 2008, her son developed as a professional website for her.

On this new website, Nisha Madhulika got an option to enable comments on her articles with which she started interacting with her readers.


Age is little more than a number to ladies like Nisha Madhulika Net Worth. She is a woman who discovered her interest on YouTube. Nisha enjoys reading, cooking, and continuing her experiments. Nisha is an inspiration to many housewives who love to cook and wish to follow their love of food as a passion. She is the embodiment of honesty and decency.

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