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How to Get a Student Loan Without Collateral

As conditions have changed, the educational system has achieved enormous gains in promoting our country via education; nevertheless, in tandem with this ongoing progress, school expenditures are also increasing quickly. It can be quite difficult to afford education given the cost of living, but happily, we have education loans that allow us to do so and fulfill our dream of going to college. Education loans have become a panacea that allays the worries of students. No student would be without the resources to finance their ambition of studying abroad with the aid of education loans. In India, banks furthermore offer unsecured education loans. This page will provide comprehensive information on non-collateral. How to Get a Student Loan Without Collateral

Types of education loan

There are two varieties of student loans:

secured student loan
A secured loan is one where the student must pledge collateral in exchange for the loan in order to be eligible. Both tangible and intangible assets, such as an insurance policy, fixed deposits, and non-agricultural land, are accepted as collateral.

unprotected student loan
A loan that does not require the student to pledge any type of security in exchange for it is referred to as an unsecured loan.

Non collateral education loan in India

In an unsecured loan, the lender does not request collateral from the student in order for them to be eligible for an education loan, saving time in the loan processing and simplifying the documentation procedure. The main benefit of an unsecured student loan is this.

Because the financial institution is taking on more risk, loans without collateral have higher interest rates. Since student loans without collateral are sanctioned based on the co-income applicant’s and CIBIL score, these loans frequently require a co-applicant or co-signer. Students and co-applicants must additionally fulfill other requirements in order to be eligible for an education loan without collateral.

Documents needed in India to apply for a non-collateral education loan

Any loan transaction involves a substantial amount of documentation. The paperwork process for school loans is the same for unsecured loans. Banks impose a number of requirements on non-collateral education loans, including necessary paperwork that both the student and the co-applicant must submit. Any aspiring student loan applicant must meet the bank’s eligibility requirements and submit these documents in order to take use of all the services the bank has to offer.

How to Get a Student Loan Without Collateral

1. The following paperwork must be submitted by the salaried co-applicants:

past three months’ worth of pay stubs
two years’ worth or more of ITR filing receipts
6 months or more of their bank statements
2. The Business-owning/Self-Employed Co-Applicants must present the following documents:

6 months or more of their bank statements
three-year ITR records
Business documentation such as GST registration, profit, and loss accounts, etc.
3. The loan applicants must present the following documents:

The Xth and XIIth grade mark sheets are available on a semester-by-semester or annual basis.
university’s letter of admission
4. The following papers must be presented by loan applicants if they are employed, professionals:

three-year ITR records
past three months’ worth of pay stubs
Work-Experience Letter No. 5; Required Documents for Both Parties to Submit

Student eligibility for non-collateral student loans

Academic Grading: Your Marks as a Percentage
The majority of government-run banks, like the Bank of Baroda, Canara Bank, PNB, etc., provide students with more than 60 percent grades appropriate preference. Because unsecured loans do not require collateral, banks establish stricter demands for applicants’ academic performance to meet the requirements for qualifying for unsecured education loans.

Academic profile backlog
Many bank representatives may say that students with more than three backlogs are not considered to qualify for an education loan when students directly approach most government banks in India for a non-collateral education loan, but if the student successfully clears his or her backlogs within the allotted course duration, the student may apply for an unsecured education loan.

a deficiency in education
Any break in your academic performance or in the time since you graduated must be explained in a letter to the bank in order to demonstrate your eligibility for unsecured student loans.


Government banks accept all degrees, including undergraduate, post-graduate, Ph.D., and other programs, with the exception of UG diploma and certificate programmes.

Benefits of borrowing for college without security

loan approval more quickly
Students can anticipate that their education loans will be authorized more quickly and effectively if they take out an unsecured education loan without collateral in India.

fewer documents are required
The application process for unsecured student loans is extremely straightforward when all the necessary paperwork is submitted. Even if you have all the required documents, banks may still request additional ones that are exceedingly challenging to arrange at the last minute. Connect with our staff at Vidyaloans to avoid such last-minute stress. Our processing officer will provide you with the most recent list of the documents needed and will walk you through the complete unsecured school loan application procedure.

Boost your CIBIL rating
Students who repay their loans on time can raise their CIBIL score.

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