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What is General Liability Insurance

Business liability insurance and commercial general liability insurance are other names for (GLI). This kind of liability insurance coverage aids in defending your company against allegations that it damaged or caused property or bodily harm to third parties. You would be responsible for paying for these claims out of pocket without general liability coverage.

General liability insurance: 5 Ways It Can Benefit Your Business

Is GLI necessary for my small business? is a common query we receive. Probably, yes is the correct response. You’ll be shielded from lawsuits with GLI coverage from allegations of:

Bodily Injury

This policy might assist in paying medical expenses if a consumer gets hurt while visiting your establishment.

Property Damage

When providing goods or services to consumers, employees can cause harm to their property. Your GL coverage may be able to cover some of the costs.

Reputational Harm

Libel, slander, wrongful eviction, and invasion of privacy are all covered by general liability insurance policies.

Advertising Injuries

A GLI policy provides coverage for copyright infringement claims.

Damage to the space you rented:

Your GLI can assist with the cost of repairs if your rental property is harmed by fire, lightning, or an explosion.

Additionally, general liability insurance can assist in financing:

  • a client or customer tripping and hurting themselves at your establishment and needing emergency attention
  • While performing work in a customer’s house, your employee unintentionally damaged the wall.
  • Defense expenses for lawsuits filed against your company
  • Settlements and awards from a customer or client’s legal case

Not all injuries or damages are always covered by general liability insurance. For instance, this policy does not pay for the costs of medical care for wounded employees. Additionally,  doesn’t pay for workers’ compensation benefits for lost wages. You would require workers’ compensation insurance instead.

Who Requires General Liability Coverage?

Did you know that in the next ten years, general liability or property claims are projected to be filed against four out of ten small business owners? 1 Claims can be made for anything from unplanned occurrences like burglaries to unanticipated mishaps like a customer being hurt after tripping and falling.

What Is the Price of General Liability Insurance?

Our customers paid for general liability insurance on average $88 a month. 2 We work hard to provide our clients with the best protection at the most reasonable cost. Hartford is aware of the requirements of its small company owners. The cost of GLI varies, but we can provide you with an estimate right away so you’ll know how much it will cost. Just keep in mind that because every firm is different, GLI premiums vary for everyone. Numerous factors influence insurance prices.

Prepare Yourself with the Knowledge You Need Before Requesting a General Liability Quote

You’ll want to have the appropriate information on hand when you’re prepared to request a general liability quotation. This comprises the

  • Registered business name and address
  • the year you started your company
  • How many locations do you have?
  • How many staff do you have?
  • Any history of liability losses in the previous three years, including property damage, mishaps, and injuries
  • The amount of general liability coverage you intend to purchase

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