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Chotu Dada Net Worth In Rupees Age Real Name Wife Biography

In India, Shaafeeq Chotu, also known online as Chotu Dada, enjoys enormous popularity. Chotu Dada is a well-known YouTuber, gifted comic, and internet sensation. Over 21.2 million people subscribe to Khandeshi Movies, his YouTube channel. Chotu Dada is well-known for his comedies and short flicks. He frequently posts amusing films to YouTube, and many people enjoy his work. I am talking about Chotu Dada Net Worth In Rupees Age Real Name Wife Biography.

Chotu Dada Net Worth In Rupees

Chotu Dada Biography

Shafeeq Chotu was born in Malegaon, Maharashtra, India, on November 25, 1991. Aged 27 years old, he. Due to his short stature, everyone in his community used to make this joke before it became popular on YouTube. Shafeeq so desired to do something in his life but was unable to do it. Chotu Dada Net Worth In Rupees.

Then he meets Mr. Wasim, who lives in his village and makes YouTube videos. He asks Mr. Wasim for work, and Mr. Wasim gladly gives Shafeeq a chance to act in the videos. Because of his short stature, everyone nicknames him Chotu, so Chotu Dada became his moniker.

Chotu Dada Net Worth In Rupees

Chotu Dada Net Worth In Rupees is thought to be worth $1 million, which is around Rs. 9–10 crore. Chotu Dada works as an artist in the videos and charges 2-3 Lakh INR, despite the fact that this channel is monetized (Monthly).

Chotu Dada Family

Shafeeq is from Malegaon, a rural region in Maharashtra. The details of his parents and family are unknown.

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