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Best trading app in India to earn money for beginners

If you came to this page looking for information on the top trading app in India in 2022, you have come to the correct spot. Based on my trading expertise and customer comments, I’ve compiled a list of the Best trading app in India to earn money for beginners in this article.

I discussed about desktop trading platforms in my previous article; now, let’s talk about top trading app providers.

There isn’t a significant variation in the brokerage fees charged by the top stock brokers in India. Their use of technology to serve their customers is what sets them apart.

Mobile applications are sufficient for all other sorts of traders and investors daily, except day traders who still require desktop-based systems.

They do not need to open their laptop or desktop to check the current price, place an order, etc. Technology advancements have made it possible to perform the majority of tasks using mobile trading apps alone.

As a result, stock dealers are increasingly concentrating on smartphones. And even after providing Demat accounts with the lowest brokerage fees, brokers who ignore mobile suffer greatly.

I’d like to provide you with some advice to make the best choice before I give you the list of the top mobile share trading applications in India.

Indian trading apps: Things to consider

Your mobile phone will work with this:

Verify the app’s support for the Android and iOS versions. You might need to update your phone if you have a lesser version.

Number of App downloads:

Check the number of app downloads by visiting the Google Play Store and the Apple iPhone App Store. An indirect approach is used to determine which trading app is most popular in India. Best trading app in India to earn money for beginners

User Reviews:

Read the customer reviews on the Play Store. Find out what issues folks are having. However, you should be warned that some brokers also attempt to manipulate the ratings by writing phony favorable evaluations for themselves.

Useful indicators or research

Check again to make sure the software supports any indications you use for technical analysis.

Indian Trading App Ranking for 2022

You could occasionally still want to trade stocks while you’re on the road. Thankfully, trading apps for smartphones are indispensable. Based on user reviews, I have selected 7 top trading applications.

The top 7 trading applications in India are shown below.

KITE trading software by Zerodha
App for trading Upstox PRO
Mobile trading applications Angel Broking and 5Paisa
Market trading apps from FYERS, IIFL, and Motilal Oswal Trading application

The finest trading app in India is without a doubt Zerodha KITE, and I use it personally.

The first cheap broker in India, Zerodha, eventually surpassed Sharekhan and ICICI Direct to take the top spot among stock brokers in the country.

They accomplished this goal in just 8 years with the aid of Kite and other top-notch products. Best trading app in India to earn money for beginners

I signed up for a Zerodha account in 2012 and have been using it ever since. I would say that overall, I’m pleased with the company’s service and product quality.

The basic user interface is what I appreciate most about KITE (UI). The software is not overloaded with unnecessary data that I hardly ever use. This enables me to focus more intently and trade without interruption.

The app is small and uses fewer resources. It is roughly one-third smaller than stock trading apps offered by other Indian stock brokers.

Furthermore, Zerodha offers brokerage-free investing, which means that there are no fees associated with buying shares and selling them on the same day.

Best trading app in India to earn money for beginners

Additionally, the brokerage is nonexistent even if you sell them afterward. Regardless of the trade amount, they charge Rs 20 for every other transaction that is carried out. I’ve created a thorough Best trading app in India to earn money for beginners

Negative aspects of Zerodha KITE:

  • Minor problems have been observed by users while editing or deleting scrips from the market watch.
  • Lags in loading the chart are seen repeatedly.

Benefits of the Zerodha KITE:

  • All contracts on all exchanges (NSE, BSE, MCX) can be found with a single tap using the universal instrument search.
  • live data transmission
  • various market watchers and real-time market depths
  • 100+ indicators on an advanced chart
  • Free historical chart data for several years
  • Order kinds include regular, AMO, BO (Bracket orders), and CO (Cover orders)
  • Suitable for both novice and seasoned traders, the Indian trading app

With Zerodha, how much brokerage may be saved?

Let’s first examine how much money an investor or trader can save by opening an account with Zerodha. Best trading app in India to earn money for beginners

Within 8 years, Zerodha surpasses competitors like ICICI Direct and Sharekhan to become the top stock broker in India thanks to the significant discounts and high-quality trading app (KITE) it provides.

For Investor:

If you want to invest Rs 10 lakh with a brokerage fee of 0.55% (ICICIDirect charges this much! ), you will need to pay Rs 5,500, as opposed to paying nothing with Zerodha (Investments are free at Zerodha).

In comparison to brokers like ICICI Direct, there would be a 100% reduction in brokerage fees.

For Trader:

Let’s now examine how much can be saved for intraday futures and options traders.

Assume you buy and sell shares daily worth Rs. 10,000,000. That indicates that the overall monthly turnover will be 400 lakhs in roughly 20 trading days.

Since ICICI Direct levies 0.0275%, the monthly brokerage fee is equal to Rs. 400 lakh * 0.0275%, or Rs. 11,000

So that would be every year,

£11,000 divided by 12 months equals £132,000

For intraday trades, Zerodha now costs Rs 20. Zerodha does not base brokerage on trade value. No matter the deal value, they charge Rs 20 for each order.

Therefore, it would cost Rs 40 per day (Rs 20 for buying and selling), and Rs 800 per month (20 * Rs 40).

So, the annual cost is Rs. 800 multiplied by 12 months or Rs.

As a result, traders can indirectly increase their profit while saving more than 90% of brokerage. Best trading app in India to earn money for beginners

I suggest opening an account with Zerodha because of these savings and the sophisticated yet user-friendly mobile app. I’ve been using it since 2012 and am generally happy with it.

Charges for opening a Zerodha account:

Online via Aadhaar: Rs 200 Offline via form submission: Rs 400

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