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Mr Indian Hacker Net Worth In Rupees Wife Name Monthly Income Age

So, in this post, we’ll talk about Mr. Indian hacker a well-known YouTuber from Ajmer, Rajasthan. His true name is Dilraj Singh Rawat. I am talking about Mr Indian Hacker Net Worth In Rupees Wife Name Monthly Income Age.

Dilraj was raised in a middle-class household and was born on January 8, 1996, in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He is a Rajput by faith and had his education from Dev Senior Secondary School and Samarth Prithviraj Chauhan Government College.

Mr Indian Hacker Net Worth In Rupees

Being from a middle-class family, he is currently in a very excellent situation with more than 16 million subscribers and a sizable fan following throughout all of India, but as mentioned, “Marks and Your upbringing is the mirror of your career” this sentence matches him very well. Mr Indian Hacker Net Worth In Rupees.

His first video, which is the oldest one on his channel, was published in January 2017. He began his YouTube channel in June 2012, therefore he unlisted or deleted his earlier movies, but he truly started it actively in 2017.

Mr Indian Hacker Real Name

Real Name

Dilraj Singh Rawat


Mr. Indian Hacker

Date Of Birth

8th January 1996


Ajmer, Rajasthan


Ajmer, Rajasthan




Graduate from
Samarth Prithviraj Chauhan Government collage


Famous for Crazy & dangerous Science Experiments


5’9 Feet (5ft.9inch.)


71 kg



Mr Indian Hacker Education

Dilraj did his schooling study from D.A.V. Senior Secondary School and his college degree from Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan Govt. College, both of which are in the Indian city of Ajmer, Rajasthan.


Dev Senior Secondary School, Ajmer


Samarth Prithviraj Chauhan Government collage




Successful Youtuber and Influencer

Mr Indian Hacker Net Worth In Rupees

Mr. Indian Hacker makes money from several different sources, including Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsored advertising, sponsorship, and brand endorsements. The projected yearly Mr Indian Hacker Net Worth In Rupees between Rs. 6.5 and 7.6 crores.

Mr Indian Hacker has a net worth of Rs. 14 crore, or $1.85 million, and his wealth grows by 10 to 40% per year.


Dilraj Singh Rawat



Yearly Income

Rs.6.5-7.6 Crore

Net Worth

$1.85 Million

Net Worth In Rupees

Rs.14 Crore

Mr Indian Hacker Monthly Income and Salary

YouTuber from India The majority of Mr Indian Hacker Monthly Income which ranges from Rs.55 to Rs.63 lakh comes from Google Adsense and brand endorsements.

Mr Indian Hacker YouTube Monthly Income

His projected monthly Income from YouTube is between $61k and $67k, and it depends on how many times his three YouTube channels’ videos are seen (Google Adsense)

Mr Indian Hacker Net Worth In Rupees 2022



Net Worth In 2022

$1.85 Million

Net Worth In 2021

$1.3 Million

Net Worth In 2020


Net Worth In 2019


Net Worth In 2018


Mr Indian Hacker Wife Name

Mr. Indian Hacker, Dilraj Singh is a wedding person. Although the name of his wife is unknown, we have a picture of their wedding

MR Indian Hacker Family

Although Dilraj Singh is married, nothing is known about his family.


Not Known

Marital Status


Wife Name

Not Known


Not Known


Not Known


Not Known


Not Known

Brother/ Sister

Not Known

The Career of Mr Indian Hacker

Dilraj Singh Rawat enjoyed trying new things and he does experiments mostly at home.

Mr. Indian hacker used to reassemble brand-new items and fix them up. At their house, they used to do several experiments.

He observed how suspicious his parents were. He experimented a great deal at home.

Dilraj Singh questioned why he hadn’t demonstrated his experiment to the public. He observed that individuals were using YouTube to showcase their talents. Mr Indian Hacker Net Worth In Rupees.

then he considered starting a YouTube channel. Mr. Indian Hacker is the name of a YouTube channel that Dilraj Singh Rawat founded.

He created this video on YouTube and released it on January 23, 2017, with the title “How to unlock a lock without a key.”

Dilraj Singh Rawat used to do such videos at the beginning of their YouTube career. which the public disliked.

Social Media Profiles and Youtube Channels

The following is a list of Dilraj Singh Rawat’s social media accounts and YouTube channels.

Youtube Channels

  1. Indian Hacker (24.7 Million Subs)
    Dilraj Singh (2.57 Million)
    Mr. Titanium (1.14 Million)
    MR. Indian Hacker Vlogs (983K)

Social Media Profile Links

  • Instagram: dilraj_singh_rawat 451K Followers
  • Facebook: mrindianhacker00 123K Followers

Final words

Thank you for visiting and reading this post. We hope this post was also helpful to you. If this post is helpful, please share this post also. Give your feedback and possible suggestions in the comments to help us also. Keep visiting our website to get helpful posts and updates also. Mr Indian Hacker Net Worth In Rupees.

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